Surviving Unemployment

Surviving Unemployment

The dynamic of my previous workplace was one for the books. In my previous blog post Working with Family SUCKS, I discussed my time as an HR Generalist working under the direction of my Aunt-in-law. Our relationship really took a turn for the worst when the issues from our personal lives started flowing into the workplace.

During this time, a friend of mine saw a job opening at one of my favorite companies. A few days after I applied to this company, my Aunt-Boss began asking me questions such as, “are you happy to be here”, “what is going on in your life”, “is there something personal going on in your life affecting work?”. Side note: I could not believe my ears every time she said something similar as this to me, yet continued acting like NOTHING was happening… Infuriating!

I, of course, responded by telling her everything was going great and mentioned balancing work and school had become a little daunting. My Aunt-Boss informed me she had found out that I had applied to another job and in turn would have to hire for my position. This was strange interaction for me because at this point, I wasn’t fired. I even thought maybe she was giving me enough time to find a new job! Of course, I was wrong. The day after this occurred, she called me into her office and terminated me for “looking for a new job.” (Please note: Utah is an at-will state, meaning you can hire and fire for any reason). However, she did tell me she had nothing to do with the decision and she even claimed it was all on the president of the company. Of course, I don’t believe this – not one bit.

The timing of my termination was impeccable! Besides recently buying a new house, my parents and siblings had just left for vacation. My husband and I decided to stay home and work, meaning I could have gone! My first week of unemployment actually brought a few positives, one of them being the opportunity to watch my sister’s dog while they were away at vacation. Being available during this week ended up working out due to two dogs being more of a handful than anticipated. I made a point to get out of the house and go hiking with my sister’s and my dogs every day. Having a plan and something to do on my daily schedule helped improve my general self esteem and motivation.

Though this termination was unexpected and confusing, I wasted no time going online and applying for Unemployment Insurance. Although I met the eligibility requirements, my application was still pending due to me being fired and attending school. A few days after I applied, I received a phone call from the unemployment office asking the terms of my termination and my school availability (I am currently earning my Bachelor’s degree ONLINE at WGU). The phone call and my other requirements took all of 5-10 minutes.

My other requirements by the State of Utah Unemployment:

  • Online course about resume building and Interviewing
  • Apply to at minimum 4 positions a week and document this online
  • Document my School Schedule weekly
  • Interview with workforce services after 6 weeks of Unemployment

Please note … I live in Utah and Unemployment Insurance differs by State. To see your Unemployment Insurance information please: Click here 

During this time being unemployed, I applied to over 200 jobs. I originally thought that Utah’s unemployment rate was fairly low and businesses are needing to raise their pay and benefits just to intrigue potential applicants. I believe not moving forward after the multiple interviews is due to the fact that I don’t have a bachelor’s degree. It’s been tough but writing, school, and the dog park have really kept me focused. There have been a couple days where all I have wanted to do is sit and sulk, but I have to keep reminding myself that I can not let her win. I’ve been able to stay busy and really focus on trying to get a new job. I promised myself that I have to strive to do something bigger and better.

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