Are you meant to be self-employed

Are you meant to be self-employed

Have you tossed around the idea of being self-employed? Has your boss or colleagues been driving you insane? Are your amazing ideas being ignored? Have you experienced discrimination, been laid off, or feel as if you are under-valued?

Yes, thoughts of self-employment are terrifying! Ignoring any of these feelings, however, can take an extremely unhealthy turn if they are ignored or remain unacted upon.


Do you like control?

Most self-employed individuals have a way of thinking that the only form of criticism they receive is from their clients or readers. If you pride yourself in being a control freak, self-employment may be the right path for you.

While self-employed, you must ensure escaping the corporate jungle and being your own boss is important to you. You control how, when, and where your work is done and no longer have someone governing every move you make. Getting from point A to point Z is completely up to you.

Do you have the personality?

People recognize that I am friendly, generous, and humble; but that doesn’t mean I desire to be bossed around or with people all day. If you may be experiencing feelings similar to these, you may want to consider self-employment. If you are wanting to make the switch to unemployment you need to have the ability to network locked down.

For example being able to go to a conference or attend a seminar alone and still being able to talk and promote what you are passionate about is a trait you aren’t going to be able to learn. I highly suggest when coming to the self-employment side, have a strong support system. This support could come from others in your industry, family, or even friends.

When you have backup, you won’t feel as lonely and isolated as you potentially could. I suggest having an outlet such as the gym and a coffee date with friends and fellow self-employers at least once a week.

Are you disciplined?

When you are self-employed, having the discipline to get things done is essential. In doing so, you are able to pride yourself in being proactive rather than reactive. In addition, you have the ability to require the flexibility self-employment will provide. Contrary to common belief, this doesn’t mean a shorter workweek; this means you like to multi-task and do your work at your own pace.

You also cannot take criticism or negative comments too personal; dwelling on these will only bring you down and make things worse. It is difficult to get motivated after these feelings. My suggestion? Grab a glass of wine, write down your thoughts about these criticisms and negative situations, and then throw them away.

How do you value your money?

In the self-employed game, you are more likely to spend less and make more. On average, freelancers typically earn 45% more than an individual who is employed. In addition, someone who is self-employed isn’t going to have to sit in traffic, pay as much for childcare, or eat out at lunch.

Sick? Self-employers don’t have to worry about going a day unpaid or needing to dip into your paid time off. Your work area is yours; if you need a new stapler, desk chair, or computer, get one. Best of all, most of your office supplies are tax-deductible, something the average employee does not get to enjoy.

Honestly, most people need the structure of working for someone else and self-employment is not meant for everyone. If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, you may want to consider making the move. When you’re ready to make the change, figure out the most simple way for you to become self-employed and do it. There will be no “perfect” time or situation; you just have to jump.

11 thoughts on “Are you meant to be self-employed

  1. This is a great post. I’m a locum Vet and although that does allow me more freedom than being self employed I’m currently trying out blogging to see if I can merge my passion for the environment and my need to control my own day/week/life into a cohesive career! Your doing a great job for only 3 weeks in, your site looks pro! Please can put mine if you’re interested in streamlining your lifestyle x

    1. Thank you for the compliment ! I wanted to be a vet for the longest time, until I realized Animals bleed. I will definitely check out your site !!

  2. I used to be in a high position role of an ad agency but it was too toxic. I’ve been doing my own thing for a year already. Great article! #GirlBoss

    1. Very interesting ! I would love to hear more about it, I want to start interviewing other about their work life!

    1. Very true ! It’s more of a 24/7 job than 9-5. But if you are more happy self-employed the 24/7 Will feel like nothing !!

  3. I loved this!! I’ve been kind of stuck about what I want to do career wise, but the more I build my own business the more I want to work for myself!

    1. That’s awesome ! I thought I would always be in HR, but I’ve found instead of babysitting adults I would much rather prepare those new to the work force. This is the first time in a long time I’ve loved what I’m doing !

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